Teaching Spanish as a Second Language with Native Fluency

About our Program

Sí Español's teachers have decades of combined teaching experience, specifically in the area of second language acquisition, and our mission is to teach Spanish as a second language with native fluency. There is a high interest in second language learning and many parents are looking for a program specifically geared towards their preschool or elementary age child. In addition, early exposure to a second language has been shown to boost learning a child's first language.

In the first five years of life, children have the capacity to learn languages with no conscious recognition of what they are learning. They don’t compare the new language to their own and, as a result, are not resistant to accepting new structures and sounds that are “foreign” to their linguistic system. For the same reasons, it is easy for them to pronounce new sounds. They aren’t ashamed if they speak differently from those around them.

If they have a good experience learning a language at this early age, they will look back on it fondly. As a result, it will be easier for them to learn another language in the future or to continue with the new language they’ve already learned.

The Benefits of our Program

There are other language programs—our program stands out because:

  • Our classes are taught by native Spanish speakers
  • Our curriculum is developed by teachers
  • Our themes mirror or complement preschool themes
  • Our classes are taught by fluent Spanish speakers
  • Every teacher follows a lesson plan
  • We are completely self-sufficient; no school resources are used
  • We customize our program to suit your school's/students' needs
  • We collaborate with directors, administrators and teachers
  • We strive for excellence in every aspect of our classes
  • We understand the importance of each school’s schedule and rules


Interested in Spanish at your child's school? We teach at many day cares,preschools and after-school programs. Please contact us for further information.


Every year we host two exciting weeks to learn Spanish in June. Week one - Beginners. Week two - Reading & Writing. Camp dates are announced in late Spring.


Available for elementary age students through high school as well as adults. Individuals or groups of 3-4 for Conversational Spanish. Please email for more information.



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